##SoftCraft Study Group## by “Manuel Vidaurre”

At the past Campus Party 2014 CPMX5, I had a chance to talk with Rafael Magaña Ávalos, he mentioned a need for strengthening his capacities in software engineering mostly in the algorithms area, I shared with him my experiences about that (including the tail-recursion issue) and I concurred with him about the relevance of this. We then agreed to start a study group related with fundamentals and core bases of software engineering and computer science.

We shared later this with other friends as: Javier Cervantes and Ismael G. Marin. With them we started a Facebook group called: SoftCraft, there Rafa Magaña expressed very well the spirit of this study group:

Ya tengo algunos meses con ese “trip” de no sólo aprender nuevos lenguajes (es como aprender inglés, alemán, etc., Puede que sepamos hablar esos idiomas, pero eso no significa que tengamos mejores ideas o las expongamos mejor en esos lenguajes que en español, el caldo de cultivo es el mismo.) sino aprender algo más abstracto, más general, porque me di cuenta que aprender a programar en nuevos lenguajes te ayuda mucho, pero lo que tiene la olla saca la cuchara, y, por más lenguajes que sepas, nunca podrás sacar más de lo que tienes, entonces, la idea es meterle más al cerebro, al menos, con fines lúdicos.

I already have a few months with this “trip” to not only learn new languages ​​(like learning English, German, etc.., We may know how to speak those languages​​, but that does not mean we have better ideas or that we express better them in those languages ​rather ​than in Spanish (native language), the breeding ground is the same.) but learn something more abstract, more general, because I realized that learning to program in new languages ​​helps a lot, but what is in the pot is what the spoon takes, and, but not to know more languages, you can never get more than what you have, then, the idea is to put more on the brain, at least for entertainment purposes.

I feel the same in this quest for being a better developer. I really believe that we should learn to think better and learn to learn in more effective ways.

This study group has evolve very fast, we have a discourse site at singularity.mx. Each week we are going to cover one area, this week (July 13-19) we are studying Analysis of Algorithms, this group is open and you should participate. Please do it, post your questions, comments and wherever you feel suitable, help us to strength the community.

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