Systems Development and Integrated Solutions

We use the methods and techniques of customer development, lean startup and agile development in conjunction of UX/UI, Information Arquitecture, Systems Design and Softwere Engenniering.

We use an iterative process based on IDEAL and Customer Development:
* Initiating
- Stimulus for Change
- Set Context.
- Build Sponsorship
- Charter Infrastructure
* Diagnosing
- Characterize Current & Desired States
- Develop Recommendations
* Establishing
- Set Priorities
- Develop Approach
- Plan Actions
* Acting
- Create Solution
- Pilot/Test Solution
- Refine Solution
- Implement Solution
* Learning
- Analyze and Validate
- Propose Future Actions

A startup is a temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model. The primary objective of a startup is to validate its business model hypotheses (and iterate and pivot until it does).

Ambitious Web Apps and Web Services

Innovative Mobile Apps, mHealth, and Geolocation

Distributed Systems & Desktop Apps